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Ladies & Golf
As women have increasingly picked up the game of golf, they have demanded better equipment and better information to make their own purchasing decisions. Manufacturers like Nancy Lopez Golf, Square Two and others have emerged to try to sell equipment specifically to female golfers.

It is our opinion that there is no significant difference between a men's and a women's version of popular golf clubs. We've researched the product options available from the major manufacturers, tested some of the more popular products, and reviewed most of the existing websites for golf and we've come to the conclusion that most of the difference is in the marketing, not the product.

Women golfers look for different things when buying clubs, but those differences aren't reflected in the actual products available. They are based on the following variables:

  1. Your height
  2. Your wrist to floor length distance
  3. Your skill level
  4. Your club head speed
  5. Your shot direction tendencies

What does this mean? Women on average are shorter, have shorter arms, smaller hands and generate a more modest club head speed. This would mean that a golf club shaft would be cut shorter, the grip might be smaller and the shaft type would be graphite instead of steel.

How is this different for men? Its not and that's the point. The club heads made for women golfers are not significantly different than those for men. What is different is that the way your clubs might be customized.

The important thing to remember is that golf club manufacturers, when they market to women, are basically just putting the same golf club head into a different cosmetic package. Our slogan "Buy the club, not the hype", doesn't just apply to men's clubs but to women's clubs as well.

All of the equipment available on our website can be easily customized for women. If you have any questions about how to do that please contact us at 877-939-0458 or e-mail us at We appreciate your feedback.